The Public Record Research System (PRRS)

Do you make key business decisions that involve public records? The Public Record Research System (PRRS) is the most up-to-date and comprehensive public record source tool available. PRRS enables you to quickly reach government agencies and institutions that house public records.

PRRS is an ideal tool for pre-employment screening, background investigations, legal research and other professional investigations.

PRRS Includes 28,000+ Agencies:

  • Agency Facts: office hour; time zone; web sites, types of records held.
  • Search and Access Facts: all methods of access; indexing; search requirements; have far back records are kept and available, online availability with comments on accuracy; when public access terminals are onsite; turnaround times.
  • Privacy Facts: restrictions imposed on searchers or types of searchers; if signed releases or notarized statements are required; when records are redacted.
  • All Fees: access, copy; certification; expedited; if credit cards are accepted; if personal or business checks accepted.
  • Searching Tips and Idiosyncrasies: inside information on what you need to know about a particular agency holding records
  • Plus Much More!

PRRS is the Direct Connect to these Seven Comprehensive BRB Databases:

  1. County and Local Courts (12,542)
    • 75% of criminal and civil courts provide online access to an historical docket index - but how good are these sites? PRRS includes analyzation of all state online judicial systems; if statewide, if on-site equivalent; all access methods.
    • Nearly 80% of the courts now offer an onsite public access terminal (PAT). PRRS tells you which ones provide identifiers.
    • Know which courts will or will not perform a clerk name search.
    • Besides criminal and civil, find out about probate, eviction, small claims, traffic, town infractions, and family court records, etc. - and more!
  2. Federal Courts
    • The counties assigned to each Federal Court - or when not assigned
    • How to obtain online records
    • All about Multi-Voice Case Information Systems (VCIS & McVCIS), Electronic Case Files (CFE), and Federal Record Centers, EDGAR, etc. - and more!
  3. Local Recorder and Assessor Offices
    • Which agencies provide online document images
    • When you need to hire your own onsite retriever
    • Direct phone lines to county/city/parish agencies, etc. - and more!
  4. State Agencies with Public Records
    • Permit purchase of databases or customized lists
    • Offer online access to records
    • Offer record access by phone
    • Require a signed release, offer expedited services, accept business checks, permit requesters to set up an account, etc. - and more!
  5. 8,407 Occupational Licensing Boards
    • 5,466 Web sites with credential lookups by name
    • Direct phone lines for license status to complaints, violations, or disciplinary actions
  6. Accredited Colleges and Universities
    • Federal School Number
    • Degree level offered
    • How to verify a student’s degree, including if a National Student Clearinghouse school
    • 900+ Diploma Mills are listed
    • Over 1,000 referrals to name changes and closed schools going back 20 years
  7. The County Locator
    • Identifies the correct county location for 159,000 ZIP Code and place/city name combinations
    • Identifies 9,000+ ZIPs that cross county lines
    • Includes The Adjoining County Locator which lists adjoining counties plus population figures

Subscription Pricing

$149.95 Annual Subscription

This flat rate is for unlimited access. Share the company log-in/password with others. You can have two users logged into PRRS simultaneously. Additional user programs are available for enterprise accounts - call 1-800-929-3811.

$14.95 Monthly Billing Option

Subscription fee is automatically charged on your credit card each month. Cancel at any time.

Ala Carte is Also Available

Pick an individual database, choose an annual or monthly subscription:

  • County Courts - $99.95 annual or $9.95 per month.
  • County Recorders and Assessors - $39.95 annual or $9.95 monthly.
  • State Agencies and State Occupational Licensing Boards - $39.95 annual or $9.95 monthly.
  • Federal Courts - $29.95 annual or $9.95 monthly.
  • Colleges and Universities - $49.95 annual or $9.95 monthly.
  • The Ultimate County Locator - $39.95 annual or $9.95 monthly.

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